Home Tab Commands

The Home tab contains common commands, including clipboard commands, undo and redo, selection commands, new graph and add to graph commands, draw objects commands, and links to the help. Some Home tab commands are not available for the worksheet and grid documents.




Clipboard Paste Insert clipboard contents into the document
Paste Special Insert clipboard contents into the plot document or worksheet document with formatting options
Cut Cut the selected object to the clipboard
Copy Copy an object to the clipboard
Duplicate Duplicate the selected object
Copy Format Copy the selected object's format to the clipboard
Paste Format Paste the previously copied format to the selected object
Undo Undo Undo the last action
Redo Redo the previously undone action
Zoom Fit to Window Scales the screen so that all objects are visible
Selection Select Select objects in the plot window by clicking or clicking and dragging
Select All Select tall objects in the document
Deselect All Deselect all selected objects
Block Select Select objects within a rectangle
Invert Reverse the selection
Rename Rename the selected object
Delete Delete the selection
Gallery Graph Gallery Browse samples to use as examples or templates.
Wizard Wizard Create a new graph with one or more plots using the Graph Wizard.
New Graph Recently Used Create a recently used plot type in a new graph
Line/Scatter Opens the Line/Scatter graph types list to create a line, scatter, line/scatter, step, 3D ribbon, 3D wall, 3D step, XYZ line/scatter plot in a new graph
Class/Bubble Opens the Class/Bubble graph types list to create a bubble, class scatter, XYZ bubble, or XYZ class scatter plot in a new graph
Function Opens the Function graph types list to create a Y=F(X) function, X=F(Y) function, parametric function, 3D Y=F(X) function, 3D X=F(Y) function, 3D parametric function, polar function, polar parametric function, plot in a new graph or create a new XY Function contour map, XZ Function contour map, or Function surface map
Bar Opens the Bar graph types list to create a bar chart, floating bar chart, category bar chart, 3D bar chart, 3D floating bar chart, XYZ bar chart, or XYZ floating bar chart plot in a new graph
Statistical Opens the Statistical graph types list to create a histogram, 3D histogram, box-whisker plot, notched box-whisker plot, pie chart, 3D pie chart, Q-Q plot, normal Q-Q plot, doughnut plot, or 3D doughnut plot in a new graph
Ternary Opens the Ternary graph types list to create a ternary scatter, line/scatter, line, class scatter, or bubble plot, piper plot, or piper class scatter plot, or Durov, Durov Class Scatter, Extended Durov, or Extended Durov Class Scatter plot in a new graph
Polar Opens the Polar graph types list to create a polar line, scatter, line/scatter, class scatter, bar, rose (histogram), wind, or radar plot in a new graph
Contour/Surface Opens the Contour Surface graph types list to create an XY Data, XZ Data, XY Grid, orXZ Grid contour map or Data or Grid surface map
Vector Opens the Vector graph types list to create a vector, XYZ vector, or polar vector plot in a new graph
Specialty Opens the Specialty graph types list to create a hi-low-close, candlestick, or stiff plot in a new graph
Draw Text Creates a new text block
Symbol Creates a new symbol
Line Creates a new polyline or spline polyline
Area Creates a new polygon, spline polygon, rectangle, rounded rectangle, or ellipse
Help Contents Displays help for the Grapher program
Tutorial Displays Grapher help opened to the tutorial introduction

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