Grid Document

The grid window contains the commands for viewing the XYZ value of grid nodes and displaying contour lines. Each grid node is indicated with a "+" in the grid window by default. The active node is highlighted with a red diamond. To move between grid nodes, press the arrow keys, or left-click a node to make it the active node. The Grid tab is automatically selected when you open or switch to a grid document.

Some commands are not available when viewing a grid file.  For example, none of the Insert and Layout commands are available and only a few of the Home and View commands are available.

Grid Document Commands


File Opens, closes, saves, imports, exports, and prints files. Provides links to online references and email templates. Provides access to licensing information and Grapher version number.
Home Contains commands for creating graphs and links to the tutorial and help file.
View Controls the display of toolbars, managers, status bar, tabbed documents; and the resetting of the window layout.
Automation Contains links to record or run a script and open the automation or BASIC language help files.
Grid Tools Controls the display of the grid window and contour levels and displays grid information

The Application/Document Control menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.

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