Graph Wizard

Click the Home | New Graph | Wizard command to open the Graph Wizard. The Graph Wizard leads you through the necessary steps to create a new graph. This is the simplest  and fastest way to make a graph with multiple plots. The Graph Wizard also makes it easy to add items such as axes, legends, and titles. For the most part, default plot parameters are used to create the plots. Alternatively, graphs can be created with the other commands on the Home tab.

The Graph Wizard consists of three dialogs:

  1. Graph Wizard - Select Data where you select the data file you wish to plot.
  2. Graph Wizard - Select Plot Type where the plot type, number of plots, and data columns are defined for the graph.
  3. Graph Wizard - Properties where legends, axes, titles, gridlines, and colors are specified for the graph.

The Graph Wizard will create the new graph in the current plot document when viewing a plot window. The Graph Wizard will create the new graph in a new plot document when using the Graph Wizard from the worksheet. Note, Graph Wizard operations are not recorded by the Script Recorder. If you wish to record a script of the graph creation process, use the Home | New Graph commands.

Using the Graph Wizard to Create a New Graph

To create a new graph with the graph wizard:

  1. Click the Home | New Graph | Wizard command.
  2. In the Graph Wizard - Select Data dialog, select the data file for the graph from the Select File list or click the down arrow next to Sample files, and select to open a recently used file or select to browse for a file. After selecting a file, a preview of the data file is displayed in the Data Preview section.
  3. Click the Next button.
  4. In the Graph Wizard - Select Plot Type dialog, choose a plot type for the new graph. Filter available Plot types with the Category list, and search for Plot types with the Search bar. See a description of the selected plot type in the Description section, or click Help to view descriptions for all plot types.
  5. After selecting a plot type, define the number of plots you wish to create and their associated data columns in the Data Columns section.
  6. Click the Next button.
  7. In the Graph Wizard - Properties dialog, select which graph components you wish to display. If the graph contains multiple plots, you can select a Color palette for the plots as well.
  8. Click the Finish button to create the graph.

Function Plots

A data file does not need to be selected when creating a function plot since no data are required for this type. If you wish to create a function plot, select the Skip data (for function plot) option on the Graph Wizard - Select Data page. Generally, it is preferable to create a function plot via the Home | New Graph commands.

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