File Menu Commands

The File menu opens, closes, saves, and prints files, provides links to online references and email templates, controls options and default settings, and provides licensing information and the Grapher version number.

Some commands are only available when viewing a plot window or worksheet window. For example, the Save To Multi-Sheet Excel File command is only enabled when viewing a worksheet window.

New Creates a new plot document, plot from an existing template, worksheet, template, or Excel window
Open Opens a file in a plot document, worksheet, or grid window
Close Closes the active document
Close All Closes all documents
Save Saves the active document
Save As Saves the active document window in the specified format
Save as PDF Saves the active document window to PDF
Save To Multi-Sheet Excel File Saves the selected open worksheets to a multi-sheet Excel XLSX file.
Import Imports graphics files in the plot window or imports data files in the worksheet window.
Export Exports graphics files
Reload Data Updates graphs where the source data has been modified outside of Grapher (or within Grapher when worksheet auto-updating is disabled).
Page Setup Formats the page for printing
Print Prints the active document
Print Multiple Prints a template file using multiple data files
Online Checks for a Grapher update and provides links to:
Home Page
Main Product Page
Frequently Asked Questions
Knowledge Base
Feedback Send a problem report, suggestion, or information request to Golden Software technical support.
Options Sets general program options, and default settings for rulers, page, grids, digitizing format, line properties, fill properties, text properties, and symbol properties. Only available from the plot window.
Defaults Sets default values for basic objects, graphs, plots, axes, and legends. Only available from the plot window.
Customize Ribbon Add, remove, and move commands, tabs, and groups on the ribbon.
License Info Display licensing information, including trial or maintenance expiration dates, single-user product key, or concurrent license server.
About Grapher Displays program version information.
Recent Documents Lists ten recently opened or pinned files.
Exit Closes Grapher.

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