Data Tools Tab Commands

The Data Tools tab contains commands to edit the worksheet appearance and cell values. The Data Tools tab is only available when viewing a worksheet.

Import Import the data from a file into an existing data file at the active cell
Clear Erase the contents of selected worksheet cells
Insert Insert a block of blank cells in place of the selected cells
Delete Remove selected worksheet cells and move rows or columns
Find Find a particular word or phrase in the worksheet
Find Next Find the next occurrence of the word or phrase
Replace Replace the word or phrase with alternate text
Format Cells Sets the numeric format, alignment, and background color for the selected cells
Column Width Set column widths for selected columns
Row Height Sets row height for selected rows
Transform Apply a mathematical transform to columns, rows, or cells
Statistics Compute statistics on selected cells
Sort Sort selected cells
Transpose Convert columns to rows and rows to columns
Text to Number Convert text values to numeric values
Number to Text Convert numeric values to text values
Reload Data Reloads the worksheet into the program discarding unsaved changes

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