Click the File | Options command to change the program options, such as ruler display or if back up files are created. The File | Options command also controls default line, fill, symbol, font, or digitize format properties. These properties are shared by all objects that use the specific format. For example, if you change the line color, all new axes, line/scatter plots, drawn polygons, lines, etc. will have the new line color. Use the File | Defaults command to change the default properties for basic objects, graphs, plots, axes, and legends.

Options Dialog

Use the File | Options command to open the Options dialog. Use the Options dialog to set preferences for general options (i.e. general, backup, update), environment options (i.e., display, rulers and grids, selection, plots, Property Manager), and defaults (i.e. line, fill, symbol, font, and digitize format). Change the listed option as desired and click the OK button to save your changes.

Expand the three sections (General, Environment, Defaults) in the Options dialog to display the following options.

General Sets basic window feature settings for General, Updates, Backup
Environment Sets basic environment feature settings for Display, Rulers and Grid, Selection, Plots, and Dialog Messages
Defaults Sets basic default properties for Line, Fill, Symbol, Font, and Digitize Format


Expanding Options

Left-click the button to the left of an option to expand the detailed options.

Condensing Options

Left-click the button to the left of an option to condense the detailed options.

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