Text To Number

Click the Data Tools |Data | Text to Number command to convert text strings in selected cells to numbers. This command will eliminate extraneous zeros and convert text to simplified numeric format.

To determine if the cell contains a number formatted as text, click on the cell to select it. The cell edit box displays the number formatted as text with an ' before the number. For instance, in the image below, the number 3 appears as '003 since the number is formatted as text.

To convert text to numbers:

  1. Select the cell or cells to convert.

  2. Click the Data Tools | Data | Text to Number command.

In this example the number 3 is stored as text in the form '003. Notice the cell edit box contains an apostrophe before the number.

The text is converted to a number. The cell is right aligned and the cell edit box does not contain an apostrophe before the number.

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