Plot Document

Plot windows contain the commands for creating and modifying graphs. When you first start Grapher you are presented with an empty plot window. The Home tab is automatically selected when switching to a plot document from a worksheet or grid document.


Plot Document Commands


Opens, closes, saves, and prints files. Provides links to online references and email templates. Controls options and default settings. Provides access to serial number and Grapher version number.


Contains undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, copy and paste format, import, export, and links to the tutorial and help file.

Page Layout

Contains margins, orientation, size, and printer options. Contains links to the page fill, header, and footer sections. Controls display of page outline, rulers, margins, grid, and page units.


Draws text, polygons, polylines, symbols, rectangles, rounded rectangles, ellipses, spline polylines, spline polygons, inset zooms, and inserted objects. Also reshapes drawing objects.


Creates graphs, adds items to graphs, digitizes from graphs, calculates area, and controls various graph features.


Controls zoom and redraw; the display of toolbars, managers, status bar, tabbed documents; and the resetting of the window layout.


Arranges, aligns, rotates, transforms, groups, and ungroups objects. Controls size of objects, position of objects,  selecting objects, and rotating objects.


Contains links to record or run a script and open the automation or BASIC language help files.


The Application/Document Control menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.


Tab View

The plot, worksheet, and grid windows are displayed as tabbed documents. When more than one window is open, tabs appear at the top of the document, allowing you to click on a tab to switch to a different window. The tabs may be dragged to reorder them. When a document contains unsaved changes, an asterisk (*) appears next to its tabbed name. The asterisk is removed once the changes have been saved.


Other Useful Plot Document Information

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