Insert Tab Commands

The Insert tab contains commands to create text, polygons, polylines, or symbols, insert OLE objects, inset zoom, and images, and reshape or edit objects.


None of the Insert tab commands are available for the worksheet and grid documents.



Creates a new text block


Creates a new polyline


Creates a new polygon


Creates a new symbol

Spline Polyline

Creates a new spline polyline

Spline Polygon

Creates a new spline polygon


Creates a new rectangle or square

Rounded Rectangle

Creates a new rectangle or square with rounded corners


Creates a new ellipse or circle


Moves, adds, or deletes points in the selected polygon, polyline, spline polygon, or spline polyline


Combines the selected objects into a single group object


Breaks a group object into multiple objects

Edit Group / Stop Editing Group

Enters/exits edit group mode, where objects in the group can be added, removed, or edited

Assign Coordinates

Assign coordinates to a bitmap or picture


Digitize data from the bitmap, picture, or from a plot

Inset Zoom

Creates a magnified inset of a portion of the page

OLE Object

Inserts an OLE object

Add Graphic

Imports a graphic into the plot



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