Graph Tools Tab Commands

The Graph Tools tab in the plot window contains commands to convert plots and graphs, add items to an existing graph, calculate area, view worksheets, assign coordinates, and digitize from an object. The Graph Tools tab is only available when the plot document contains at least one graph.


Graph to 2D/3D

Convert the selected graph to a 2D or 3D version, when applicable

Plot Type

Convert the selected plot to a Line; Line/Scatter; Scatter; Step; Bar, horizontal; or Bar, vertical plot


Adds a plot to a selected graph


Adds an axis to a selected graph


Adds a legend to a selected graph

Multi-Graph Legend

Add a multi-graph legend

Duplicate Axis

Adds a duplicate axis as the selected axis to the graph

Summation Plot

Adds a summation plot to the selected graph


Adds a graph magnifier to the selected graph

Move Labels

Move labels for the select axis, graph, or plot

Reset Positions

Return labels and titles moved with the Move Labels command to the default positions

Export Data

Export histogram, fit curve, function, or error bar data

Detach Legend

Detach the legend from the graph

Calculate Area

Calculate the area under a line/scatter plot


Display the selected plot’s worksheet


Reload worksheets into Grapher


List all worksheets used in the plot window


Change worksheet references to a new folder


Digitize data from the bitmap, picture, or from a plot

Digitize Fixed

Digitize data from the plot with cursor locked to the plot



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