Introduction to Grapher

Welcome to GrapherTM, the easy-to-use technical graphing package for scientists, engineers, business professionals, or anyone who needs to generate publication quality graphs quickly and easily. Grapher is an efficient and powerful graphing program for all of your most complex graphing needs. Create exciting graphs and plots for presentations, papers, marketing, analysis, sales, and more. Capture the interest of your audience with 3D graphs.


With Grapher, creating a graph is as easy as choosing the graph type, selecting the data file, and clicking the Open button. Grapher automatically selects reasonable default settings for each new graph, though all of the graph settings can be modified. For example, you can change tick mark spacing, tick labels, axis labels, axis length, grid lines, line colors, symbol styles, and more. You can add legends, images, fit curves, and drawing objects to the graph. To apply the same custom settings to several graphs, you can create a Grapher template containing the preferred styles. Advanced automation is incorporated using Golden Software's ScripterTM program or any Active X automation program. Once the graph is complete, you can export it in a variety of formats for use in presentations and publications.

is extremely flexible. For example, you can combine multiple
plot types, display graph titles, customize axis settings, and more.


System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for Grapher are:

Windows XP SP2 or SP3 is supported in Grapher 12.3 and earlier, and it is also supported in Grapher 12.4 and later versions with serial numbers.


Grapher Demo Functionality

The Grapher demo version is a fully functioning read-only demo. This means that most commands work exactly as the command works in the full program. Saving, exporting, printing, and copying are disabled in the demo version.


The demo has no further restrictions on use. Any data set or image can be used to create any project. All properties can be changed in the demo version. The demo does not have a “time-out period” so will not expire after a certain number of hours or days of use. The demo can be installed on any computer that meets the system requirements.



The Scripter program, included with Grapher, is useful in creating, editing, and running script files that automate Grapher procedures. By writing and running script files, simple mundane tasks or complex system integration tasks can be performed precisely and repetitively without direct interaction. Grapher also supports ActiveX Automation using any compatible client, such as Visual BASIC. These two automation capabilities allow Grapher to be used as a data visualization and map generation post-processor for any scientific modeling system.


The script recorder records all commands as you make them in Grapher. When the script is run, Grapher performs the steps for you. This is ideal for users that need to perform repetitive tasks but are unfamiliar with automation, for advanced users who do not want to manually enter all of the syntax, or for average users having difficulty with syntax.



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