Worksheet Manager

The Worksheet Manager contains a view of all data loaded into Grapher. Multiple data files are displayed in a tabbed format. By default, the Worksheet Manager appears at the bottom of the Grapher window below the plot window.


Right-click inside the Worksheet Manager to open the worksheet menu commands. These commands are named similarly to the commands on the ribbon. Use the Graphs commands to create a graph in the current plot window. Use the Cells menu commands to transform, sort, or generate statistics for the worksheet data.


Right-click in the
Worksheet Manager to
access all worksheet menu commands.


Check the View | Display | Worksheet Manager command to show or uncheck the box to hide the Worksheet Manager. A check mark indicates the manager is visible. No check mark indicates the manager is hidden.


Worksheet Manager
You can see all data used in all open plot windows in the Worksheet Manager.



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