Working with Scripts


You can create new scripts, edit existing scripts, save scripts, and close scripts in Scripter.


New Scripts

To create a new script, select the File | New command. A blank script sheet is created. You can start typing script instructions into this sheet. If you edit more than one sheet at a time, click the sheet tabs to switch between them or select the Sheet | 1, Sheet | 2, etc. menu commands. You can edit up to nine code sheets at the same time.


New Modules

To create a custom ActiveX object, select the File | New Module command, and choose either Object Module or Class Module (choosing Code Module is the same as the File | New command).


Existing Scripts and Modules

To open an existing script, select the File | Open command. To open a script you opened recently, click its name at the bottom of the File menu. To open other modules used by your script, select the Sheet | Open Uses command.


Saving Scripts

Once a script is complete, you can save the script by using the File | Save or File | Save As commands. If a script has not been changed since the last save, the Save command is disabled.


Closing Scripts

To close the active script, use the File | Close command, the Sheet | Close command, or double-click the sheet tab of the sheet. Close all open scripts with the Sheet | Close All command.



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