Writing Scripts


To create a script, the script text is typed into the Scripter code window or an existing script is edited. When you want to create a new script, you will most likely start with an empty Scripter window and type the entire script. If you want to perform a routine task such as creating a graph, you can probably open an existing script file and edit the file to meet your specific needs. Grapher comes with several sample scripts that you can modify as desired.


Consider a script that creates a 3D XYY ribbon/wall plot:

Sub Main

'Create a programmable object to represent

'the Grapher program

 Set GrapherApp = CreateObject("Grapher.Application")


'Make the Grapher window visible

 GrapherApp.Visible = True


'Assigns the Documents collection to the

'variable named "Docs"

 Set Docs = GrapherApp.Documents


'Creates a new plot window and assigns it to

'a variable named "Plot"

 Set Plot = Docs.Add(grfPlotDoc)


'Assigns the AutoShapes collection to

'the variable named "Shapes"

 Set Shapes = Plot.Shapes


'Creates a 3D XYY Ribbon/Wall Plot

 Shapes.Add3DLinePlotGraph(GrapherApp.Path + "\samples\bar chart orientations.dat")

End Sub


When you execute the script, Grapher is automatically started and a plot window is displayed. The graph is created. When the script execution is complete, the Grapher window remains open.



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