Scripter BASIC Language


The online help describes the major elements of the Scripter BASIC programming language, but it does not explain the concepts of writing computer programs. Many good books on the subject of programming with BASIC (Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) have been written. If you are not moderately familiar with writing computer programs, we suggest that you refer to one of the books listed in the Suggested Reading topic.


Scripts are text files that contain a sequence of instructions to be carried out by the Scripter program. Each instruction specifies a task such as defining a variable or displaying a message on the screen. When the Scripter program processes the script, the instructions are carried out one at a time, from top to bottom.


Execution of a script begins with the first statement of the subroutine called Main. All scripts must therefore include the Sub Main and End Sub statements. Execution proceeds line-by-line until the end of the Main procedure, until an End statement is executed, or until an error occurs.



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