Introducing Scripter


Welcome to ScripterTM, the easy way to automate Grapher. Golden Software's Scripter is a program for developing and running scripts. A script is a text file containing a series of instructions carried out when the script is run. Instructions are written in a Visual BASIC-like programming language. Scripter offers many features to help you write, edit, and debug scripts. Its features include language syntax coloring, a list of the procedures defined in the script, an object browser for examining procedures available in external objects, a visual dialog editor, break points, single-step execution (including options to step over and to step out of procedures), a watch window for displaying the values of script variables, and more.


Grapher operations can be controlled through automation scripts. You can do almost everything with a script that you can do manually with the mouse or from the keyboard. Scripts are used to automate repetitive tasks, consolidate a complicated sequence of steps, or act as a "front end" to help novice users access Grapher's capabilities without having to become familiar with Grapher. Since Grapher exposes its services through automation, you can use any programming tool that accesses automation objects. Such tools include Visual BASIC, Windows Scripting Host, and many of the Microsoft Office applications, among others.


To start the Scripter program, select it from the Windows Start menu. Scripter is installed in the same program group as Grapher. To open Scripter, click the Windows Start button and navigate to Programs | Golden Software Grapher 12 | Scripter. If Scripter is not present, the installation of Scripter may have been skipped when Grapher was installed. See the README.RTF file for information about the installation process.



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