Using Scripter Help


For information on Scripter program menu commands, select the Help | Contents command in Scripter. Press the F1 key for information about the Scripter windows or the active dialog. The Help | Grapher Automation Help command shows all Grapher-specific methods and properties.


The online help, shown when you select the Help | BASIC Language Help command (or press SHIFT+F1), explains all of the BASIC language statements and functions. Each help topic describes the purpose of a statement, and shows the syntax (the order of keywords and other symbols) to use when writing an instruction. The syntax examples in the online help use a shorthand method to explain the possible variations in usage:


Sub, End, True

Words with the initial letter capitalized indicate language-specific keywords.


Lower-case words with an underline (dotted in Scripter help) are placeholders for information you supply.

[ param]

Items inside square brackets are optional. These may be omitted from the statement.

{Until | While}

Items between curly braces, and separated by a vertical bar are lists of options. You must use one of the items in list.

[Private | Public]

Items between square braces and separated by a vertical bar are lists of optional choices. You may use one of the items in the list, or none of them.


An ellipsis mark indicates that the preceding item in the syntax example is repeated. Repeated items are usually optional and separated by commas.

;  ,  .  (   )

Other symbols must be typed as shown in the syntax example, with the exception of the underscore "_" character, which is used to show that a sample line has been split.



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