Script Recorder

Grapher includes a Script Recorder, accessed through the Automation | Scripts commands. The Script Recorder records all commands as you make them in Grapher. When a recorded script is run, Grapher performs all the steps for you. This is ideal for users that need to perform repetitive tasks but are unfamiliar with automation, for advanced users who do not want to manually enter all of the syntax, or for any user having difficulty with syntax. Check the box next to the View | Display | Script Manger command to display the Script Manager if you would like to view a script while it is recording. Recording must be stopped before editing scripts within the Script Manager.

Check the Include script comments box in the General section of the File | Options dialog to include comments when recording a script.

Tip: When recording an entire script from start-to-finish, make sure to start recording the script before taking any other actions, such as opening a file or creating a new document.

Run Script

Click Automation | Scripts | Run  to run the script.

Stop Script

Click Automation | Scripts | Stop to end the running script.

Start/Stop Recording

Click Automation | Scripts | Record to start recording. The circle will turn red and the script will begin recording in the Script Manager.

Click Automation | Scripts | Stop Recording to stop recording. A Save As dialog will appear, allowing you to save the recorded script as a .BAS file. Click the Save button to save the script or click the Cancel button to close the dialog without saving the script.


Click Automation | Scripts | Pause to pause the recording or the currently running script. Resume recording by clicking the Record button. Resume a paused script by clicking the Run button.

Page Units

Page units are recorded when recording a script. This is so that items such as Width, Height, or Position are recorded appropriately. When running a recorded script, the page units are set to the recorded units. If other units are desired, delete the Plot.Windows.Item(1). PageUnits line near the top of the script. The page units of the current open plot window are used. This may result in incorrect locations or sizes of objects.

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