Check for Update

Updates contain corrections to the program. It is recommended that you keep automatic updates turned on, so that you are always using the most recent version of the program.


Manual Update

Use the File | Online | Check for Update command to check for the most recent version of Grapher. If there is an update available (i.e. Grapher 12.0 to Grapher 12.1), you can follow the directions to download and install the free update. An update contains minor changes to the program. Updates are available at no cost and there are not typically new features added in updates. A list of changes is located at


Before using this command, make sure your computer is connected to the Internet. Follow the directions in the dialog to complete the update if an update is available. If you have difficulties with the File | Online | Check for Update command, please contact technical support.


Automatic Update

The automatic update preference can be adjusted at any time using the File | Options command. Automatic updates allow the program to periodically check for an available update. Enabling automatic updates will allow your copy of Grapher to always automatically stay up-to-date.


Check for Internet Update



To obtain an upgrade (i.e. Grapher version 11 to Grapher version 12), contact Golden Software.



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