XYZ Points [.CSV, .DAT, .TXT, .XYZ] File Description

Grapher plots can be exported to a .DAT or .CSV data file that includes XYZ coordinates and attribute values. The XYZ Points file is an ASCII/ANSI text file containing one or more records, where each record occupies one line of text. Each record corresponds to a single point in the exported plot. Multi-point objects (such as polylines and polygons) are represented by multiple records in the file with one record for each vertex in the polyline/polygon.

The XYZ Points format is a vector format. 3D and contour graph types should not be exported to XYZ Points files since these graph types are images.

Each record begins with the point's X, Y, and Z coordinates, separated by commas and followed by attributes. Exporting a CSV XYZ Points file will include column headers as the first line of the CSV file. The Z coordinate column can be left out of the DAT or CSV file in the XYZ Options page in the Export Options. Specify the Scaling source in the Scaling page of the Export Options dialog to export the coordinates in page or map units.

XYZ Export Options Dialog

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XYZ Export Automation Options

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