Export Options Dialog - Scaling Page

Many of the file formats have a Scaling page in the Export Options dialog.

Image showing example scaling page

Specify scaling options on the Scaling page of the Export Options dialog.

Scaling Source

Scaling information can be retrieved from two sources: Application, and Saved. Grapher provides potentially useful scaling info whenever possible. If the application detects a 3-dimensional object, the application sets the scaling rectangles so the coordinates will be the same as the document page units.


Application will load scaling info calculated by the application.


Saved will reload previously saved values.


Rectangle scaling is accomplished by specifying the corner points of a rectangle (in Page Units) in the application document and the corner points of a rectangle in the desired file units. The document coordinates will be offset and/or scaled so the corner points of the document rectangle will have the desired coordinates.

The Page Rectangle lists two points on the page in the page coordinates. The File Rectangle lists the same two points on the page in the map coordinates.

Save Scaling Info

Checking Save scaling info will cause the scaling information to be stored for future use.


The Defaults button sets all buttons and check boxes to default conditions. The scaling rectangles will, in turn, be reloaded with values from the default scaling source.

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