Lesson 2 - Creating a Graph

You can create graphs in several ways in Grapher. Graphs can be created with the graph wizard, from the Home | New Graph commands, from the worksheet, and from templates. All of these methods are discussed in the Creating Graphs help topic. We will use the most common method for the tutorial, creating a graph through the Home tab New Graph group. We will create a line/scatter plot from an existing data set.


To create a line plot graph:

  1. If the worksheet window is still open, click the Plot1 tab. Alternatively, you can create a new plot window by clicking the File | New | Plot command.

  2. Click the Home | New Graph | Basic | Line Plot command.

  3. In the Open Worksheet dialog, select the Tutorial.dat file you saved in Lesson 1. You can select the file in the file list section or in the Open worksheets section at the bottom of the dialog. You can open the Tutorial.dat sample file if you did not complete Lesson 1.

  4. Once the file is selected, click the Open button.


A line plot is created using the default properties. By default, Grapher uses the first two columns containing numeric or date/time data in the data file. In this example, the X values are in column A and the Y values are in column B.


The line plot is created with the default settings.



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