Page Setup

The File | Page Setup command formats the plot document for printing. Click the File | Page Setup command or the Layout | Page Setup | Printer commands in the plot document to open the Page Setup dialog.


Format the plot document with the
Page Setup dialog.



The Paper section control the Size and Source of the paper. These options are based on the selected printer. Only page sizes and sources that the current printer supports will be listed. To change either the Size or Source, click the existing option. In the list, select the new option.



The Orientation section sets the page layout to Portrait (vertical) or Landscape (horizontal) mode. To change the Orientation, click on the desired layout.



The default margins are 0.25 inches (6.35 mm). You can change the margins by entering new numbers into the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom boxes. To change the Margins, highlight the existing value. Type in a new value in the box. Margins are in page units.


Setting the margins does not move an existing graph on the page. If the margins are set too far into the page, objects can be truncated at the margin when printing. Margins can be displayed on the page using the Display margins option in the Display section of the Options dialog.


Headers and Footers

Click the Header button to open the Page Header/Footer dialog and add a header and/or footer to the plot window. Headers and footers can also be added with the Layout | Display | Header and Layout | Display | Footer commands.


Printer Properties

Click the Printer button to opens another dialog that changes the printer and sets printer properties. For information on specific printer settings, see the owner's manual for the printer.



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