Portable Any Map .PNM File Description

Grapher imports Portable Any Map .PNM, Portable Pixel Map .PPM, Portable Gray Map .PGM, and Portable Bitmap .PBM files. Grapher exports .PNM files.

Although there are both binary and ASCII variants of this file format, the current version of the filter always writes binary files when exporting.

The portable pixmap file format .PPM, the portable graymap file format .PGM and the portable bitmap file format .PBM specify rules for exchanging graphics files. They provide very basic functionality and serve as a least-common-denominator for converting pixmap, graymap, or image files between different platforms. Several applications refer to them collectively as the PNM format (portable anymap).

The .PGM and .PPM formats (both ASCII and binary versions) have an additional parameter for the maximum value in a line between the X and Y dimensions and the actual pixel data.

Import Options Dialog

No import options dialog is displayed.

Import Automation Options

See Bitmap Import Automation Options

Export Options Dialog

See Size and Color

Export Automation Options

See Bitmap Export Automation Options

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