Adobe Portable Document Format .PDF File Description

Portable Document Format .PDF is a file format used for document exchange. PDF is used for representing two-dimensional documents. PDF was created by Adobe Systems. PDF files can be imported and exported. PDF files can also be printed to a PDF printer.

File Structure

A .PDF file consists primarily of eight object types.

  • Boolean values, representing true or false

  • Numbers

  • Strings

  • Names

  • Arrays, ordered collections of objects

  • Dictionaries, collections of objects indexed by Names

  • Streams, usually containing large amounts of data

  • The Null object

Import Options Dialog

See PDF Import Options Dialog

Import Automation Options

See PDF Adobe Import Automation Options

Export Options Dialog

Use the File | Export command to export as a PDF (Raster) (*.PDF) file or a PDF (Vector) (*.PDF) file. Alternately, you can use the File | Print command to print to a PDF driver if you have one installed.

Export Automation Options

See Bitmap Export Automation Options for raster PDF file export or PDF Vector Export Automation Options for additional information.

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