Golden Software PlotCall .PLT File Description

Grapher can import Golden Software PlotCall .PLT files.

PlotCall files .PLT contain line graphics designed to be output on pen plotters. The curve, point and text objects of a PlotCall file are imported into Grapher with the File | Import command. There is no capability to export PlotCall files.

In the PlotCall file, each pen used is assigned a number. There can be up to 16 pens used in a PlotCall file.

PlotCall files can be either ASCII files (i.e., they can be edited with a text editor or word processor) or binary files (can't be edited) containing commands. Each command occupies one record and begins with a two-letter operation code (op-code) to determine its function. The currently supported op-codes are:

Op-code Function
MA Move Absolute
PA Plot Absolute
TR Translate
SC Scale
PS Plot String
SS Set Symbol Set
RO Rotate
PI Pivot
SP Select Pen

The general format of most commands is "op-code X,Y" where X and Y are coordinate values measured in inches. See Golden Software's PlotCall manual for a detailed description of each command. PlotCall files are usually produced by Golden Software's DOS applications, or by special user-written programs on PCs or mainframes.

Import Options Dialog

No import option dialog is displayed.

Import Automation Options

Golden Software PlotCall Automation Options

Export Options Dialog

Grapher does not export .PLT files.

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