TIGER/Line File RT* File Description

Grapher can import TIGER/Line .RT* files. A TIGER/Line file dataset usually includes many .RT* files in a single directory. TIGER/Line files are extracts of selected geographic and cartographic information from the Census TIGERĀ® database. TIGER/Line vector files include point, polyline, and polygon features that represent land attributes and political or statistical areas, such as boundaries, census tracts, roads, cities, rivers, etc. TIGER/Line files contain only geographic information, but can be linked to United States Census Bureau demographic data for analysis.

The TIGER/Line file format is a text-based format. The TIGER/Line file format was replaced by a shapefile specification in 2008.

Importing TIGER/Line Files

Import features from TIGER/Line files with the File | Import command. Select any TIGER/Line .RT* file in the Import dialog to load the dataset.

Import Options Dialog

There are no TIGER/Line .RT* import options.

Import Automation Options

There are no TIGER/Line .RT* import automation options.

References: 2002 TIGER/Line Technical Documentation, prepared by the U.S. Census Bureau, 2003. www.census.gov.

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