Intergraph/Microstation Design v7 .DGN File Description

Grapher imports Microstation Design v7 .DGN files. DGN files are created by MicroStation and Intergraphs's Interactive Graphics Design System (IGDS). DGN files are binary CAD data files that include point, polyline, polygon, and text features with attributes. Grapher can also import v6 and older version DGN files. DGN files include file set-up information, graphic elements, and non-graphic data.

Some feature style and color information is maintained when importing DGN files.

Grapher does not import DGN v8 files at this time.

Loading Microstation DGN v7 Files

Microstation DGN v7 files can be loaded with the File | Import command.

Import Options Dialog

No import options dialog is displayed.

Import Automation Options

No import options are available.


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