Axes Limits Dialog

Ternary Plots have Advanced axis limits properties. Click the Enter Limits button next to Advanced in the Limits section of the Ternary Plot Axis Properties.

Axes Limits Dialog
Use the
Axes Limits dialog to limit the ternary plot axis.

Axis Limits

Type the Min and Max values for the X Axis, Y Axis, and Z Axis. The axis limits must satisfy three conditions:

  • XMax + YMin + ZMin = 1
  • XMin + YMax + ZMin = 1
  • XMin + YMin + ZMax = 1


Click the Reset button to set all three axes to the default Min of 0 and default Max of 1.

OK and Cancel

Click the OK button to close the dialog and save the changes. Click the Cancel button to close the dialog without saving the changes.

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