Combining Plots from Different Graphs

In Grapher, a Graph is an object that contains the plots, axes, legends, summation plots, and other items used to display data as any of the plot types. Plots are the lines, symbols, or bars that display the data on the graph. Plots can be added to a graph with the Home | Add to Graph | Plot command or can be moved between graphs in the Object Manager.


Adding a Plot to an Existing Graph

To add a plot to an existing graph:

  1. Click on the existing plot, axis, or graph in the Object Manager to select it.

  2. Click the Home | Add to Graph | Plot command.

  3. Select the plot type and click OK.

  4. Set the axes to use for the new plot, if required, and click OK.

  5. Select the worksheet to use for the new plot, if required, and click Open.

  6. The new plot is added to the existing graph.


Dragging a Plot from One Graph to Another

To drag a plot from one graph to another:

  1. Click on a plot in the Object Manager.

  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the plot to a different graph object.

  3. Release the mouse button.

  4. If multiple axes exist in the new graph, select the Graph, X Axis, and Y Axis in the dialog and click OK.

  5. The plot is moved to the new graph and is drawn using the selected axes. The old graph still exists, but can be deleted if desired.


Copying a Plot from One Plot Window to Another

To copy a plot from one plot window to another:

  1. Open a .GRF, .GPJ, or .GRT file.

  2. Click on a plot in the Object Manager.

  3. Click the Home | Clipboard | Copy command.

  4. Open another .GRF, .GPJ, or .GRT file.

  5. Click the Home | Clipboard | Paste command.

  6. In the Choose Axes dialog, select the appropriate Graph, X Axis, and Y Axis. Click OK.

  7. The plot is copied to the new plot window in the appropriate graph.




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