Derived Objects


Several objects shown in the object chart share common features. For example, the AutoBarChart object and the AutoLinePlot object each have FirstRow and LastRow properties for selecting the range of worksheet rows to plot. These common features are inherited from a predecessor AutoPlot object.


Derived objects inherit all the properties and methods of the predecessor object. Derived objects and their predecessor objects include:

·      The AutoShape object is a predecessor of the AutoPlot, AutoGraph, AutoPieChart, AutoAxis, AutoLegend, AutoRectangle, AutoEllipse, AutoSymbol, AutoMText, AutoPolyline, AutoPolygon, and AutoComposite objects.

·      The AutoPlot object is the predecessor of the Auto3DXYZBarChart, AutoBarChart, AutoBoxPlot, AutoBubblePlot, AutoFitPlot, AutoFloatingBar, AutoFunctionPlot, AutoHistogram, AutoHLPlot, AutoLinePlot, AutoPolarBarChart, AutoRoseDiagram, and AutoTernaryPlot objects.


Note that since the various plot objects are derived from AutoPlot and since AutoPlot is itself derived from AutoShape, all of the plot objects also inherit the properties and methods of AutoShape.



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