AutoSymbol Object


The AutoSymbol object represents a graphical symbol used to represent a point in the drawing. Symbols are created by the AutoShapes AddSymbol method.


Derived from: AutoShape object (All methods and properties of AutoShape apply to this object.)






The following example shows how to create a symbol.


Sub Main

 'Declares GrapherApp as an object

  Dim GrapherApp As Object


 'Creates an instance of the Grapher Application object

 'and assigns it to the variable named "GrapherApp"

  Set GrapherApp = CreateObject("Grapher.Application")


 'Make Grapher visible

  GrapherApp.Visible = True


 'Declare Docs as Object

  Dim Docs As Object


 'Assigns the Documents collection to

 'the variable named "Docs"

  Set Docs = GrapherApp.Documents


 'Declare Plot As Object

  Dim Plot As Object


 'Creates a new plot window and assigns it

 'to the variable named "Plot"

  Set Plot = Docs.Add(grfPlotDoc)


 'Declare Shapes As Object

  Dim Shapes As Object


 'Assigns the AutoShapes collection to

 'the variable named "Shapes"

  Set Shapes = Plot.Shapes


 'Creates a Symbol and assigns it to

 'the variable named "Sym1"

  Set Sym1 = Shapes.AddSymbol( 2, -5)

End Sub