Parent Property


The Parent property returns the parent object. For graph objects, such as plots, this is an AutoGraph object. For objects with no parent, such as a stand-alone rectangle, NULL is returned. For windows and documents, the Application object is returned. This is a read-only property.






This example demonstrates how to return the parent object.

Debug.Print GrapherApp. Parent


Used by: Application object, AutoAxes collection, AutoAxisDateTime object, AutoAxisGrid object, AutoAxisLink object, AutoAxisTickLabels object, AutoAxisTickMarks object, AutoAxisTitle object, AutoClipping object, AutoDocWindows collection, AutoPlotWindow object, AutoErrorBars object, AutoExcelWin object, AutoFill object, AutoFits collection, AutoMFont object, AutoLabelFormat object, AutoLegends collection, AutoLine object, AutoMarker object, AutoOverlayObj object, AutoPageSetup object, AutoPlotLabels object, AutoPlots collection, AutoRuler object, AutoSelection collection, AutoShape object, AutoShapes collection, AutoWindow object, AutoWindows collection, Document object, Documents collection