Status Bar

The status bar is located at the bottom of the window. Check or clear the View | Display | Status Bar command to show or hide the status bar. The status bar displays four sections about the current command or selected object in Grapher.

From left to right the status bar sections show:

  • Information about the selected command or item in the Properties window
  • The selected object name
  • The cursor X and Y position in units of the axes (when a plot is selected), otherwise the cursor position in page units
  • The dimensions of the selected object

In the Script Manager, the status bar contains current command progress on the left and the script line number on the right.

Adjust Section Width

The status bar section widths can be adjusted to display additional text. If "..." is displayed at the end of the text, additional text can be displayed. To change the width, place the cursor over a section division. When the cursor changes to a , left-click and drag the divider left or right to a new location.

A portion of the status bar. The "..." in the left section indicates there is additional text.

A portion of the status bar after making the left section larger.

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