Grapher Object Model

Grapher provides ActiveX automation objects that allow scripts to control practically every feature of Grapher. These objects can be accessed from Scripter or from any automation-enabled environment, such as Visual BASIC, Windows Scripting Host, or Excel.

Accessing Grapher

The means of accessing Grapher automation objects varies depending on the scripting tool and language being used. With the Golden Software Scripter program and other applications compatible with Visual BASIC, the CreateObject function creates a Grapher Application object:

Set x = CreateObject("Grapher.Application")


In this sample, a variable named "x" is assigned the value returned by the CreateObject function. The CreateObject function finds the name Grapher.Application in the system registry, activates Grapher, and returns a reference to the Grapher Application object. For an introduction to the Scripter programming language, see Scripter BASIC Language.

After creating an Application object, you can access other Grapher objects through the properties and methods of the Application object. These objects are organized in a hierarchy, with the Application object at the root. This object hierarchy is known as an object model.

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