Advanced Tutorial - Saving Graphs

If you are using the demo version of Grapher you will not be able to save the graph.


When you have completed a graph in the plot window, you can save the graph to a Grapher .GRF file or a Grapher .GPJ project file. These files contain all the information necessary to reproduce the graph. When you save a graph, all the scaling, formatting, and parameters for the graph are preserved in the file.


The difference between a Grapher .GRF file and a Grapher .GPJ project file is that .GPJ files store data within the file and .GRF files save a link to the data but do not store the data internally in the file. If a .GRF file needs to be sent to a colleague, for example, you would need to send the data file along with the .GRF file. .GRF files are most useful when the data changes, as in the Lesson 8 tutorial. .GPJ files are most useful when the data does not change.


To save a graph:

  1. Click the File | Save command or click the Save (Ctrl + S) button in the quick access toolbar. The Save As dialog is displayed because the graph has not been previously saved.

  2. Type a file name into the File name box.

  3. In the Save as type list, select Grapher File (*.grf) or Grapher Project (*.gpj).

  4. Click the Save button to save the file to the current folder. The saved graph remains open and the Grapher title bar changes reflecting the changed name.


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