Lesson 8 - Working with the Script Recorder

Scripter is Golden Software's automation program. You may record your actions in Grapher with the Script Recorder rather than writing the scripts manually in Scripter. See the Script Manager, Introducing Scripter, and Script Recorder help topics for more information about automation. The Grapher Automation book in the table of contents contains all of the help topics related to automation.


The Script Recorder can be used for many tasks. We will provide one scenario to demonstrate the Script Recorder. For example, let's say that you receive a data file once a quarter. The file has the same file name each quarter and the same number of columns, but the information contained in the file updates each time. Each quarter you need to create the graphs and then export the graph for reports. You can automate this process with the Script Recorder to save time and increase efficiency.


The graph in this example is fairly simple for time's sake, but keep in mind that complex graphs are very well suited to automation. We will record the process of creating some graphs, changing some features of a graph, saving the graphs, and exporting the graph. The creation of this graph uses the features included in the previous lessons and includes a few new items. If you do not understand part of the directions, review the material in the previous lessons or consult the online help.


The following sections are included in Lesson 8 - Working with the Script Recorder:

Opening the Script Manager

Start Recording

Creating a Line Plot

Changing the X Axis Date/Time Limits

Changing the X Axis Date/Time Tick Mark Spacing

Changing the X Axis Date/Time Tick Label Format

Adding Linked Text to the Graph Title

Exporting the Graph

Stopping and Saving the Script


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