Starting Grapher

To begin a Grapher session:

  1. Navigate to the installation folder, C:\Program Files\Golden Software\Grapher 12 by default.

  2. Double-click on the Grapher.EXE application file.

  3. Select the type of document to create in the Welcome to Grapher dialog. For the tutorial, select New Plot.

  4. A new empty plot window opens in Grapher. This is the work area for producing graphs.


If this is the first time that you have opened Grapher, you will be prompted for your serial number before step 3. Your serial number is located on the CD cover or in the email received with the download directions, depending on how you purchased Grapher. Once input, you may access your serial number at any time by clicking File | About Grapher in the Grapher window.


If you have already been working with Grapher, open a new plot window before starting the tutorial. To open a new plot window, click the File | New | Plot command, click the button on the quick access toolbar, or press CTRL+N on the keyboard.



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