Exporting the Graph - Tutorial

Since the graphs are used to create a report, each graph must be exported for use in another program.


To export the graph:

  1. Click the File | Export command or the button on the quick access toolbar.

  2. Select a save location, such as your My Documents folder, in the Export dialog.

  3. Type tutorial script recorder into the File name field in the Export dialog.

  4. Select PDF (Vector) (*.pdf) from the Save as type list.

  5. Check the Show options dialog option if it is not already selected. Selecting this option enables you to make any changes to the export options.

  6. Clear the Use graph coordinates for export (when applicable) box. The Use graph coordinates for export (when applicable) exports the graph using graph coordinates. For reports and images, it is best to have this option unchecked.

  7. Clear the Selected options only box. The Selected options only option only exports the items that are currently selected in the graph window.

  8. Click the Save button.

  9. In the Export Options dialog, click on the Vector PDF Options tab.

  10. Click the Defaults button to return the export options to their default values.

  11. Select the Embed fonts (when available) option to ensure the output PDF uses the same font as the graph.

  12. Click OK and the PDF file is created.



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