Changing the X Axis Date/Time Tick Label Format - Tutorial

There are a variety of tick label formatting options available. One of the options is to change the display of the date/time labels. There are many different predefined date/time labels available or you can create your own custom label format. To change the major label format from M/d/yy (1/1/2009) to MMM-yy (Jan-09):

  1. Click on the X Axis 1 in the Object Manager to select it.

  2. In the Property Manager, click on the Labels tab to display the tick label properties.

  3. Click the to the left of the General section to expand the major label options, if necessary.

  4. Click the Select button next to Major label date/time format to open the Date/Time Format Builder dialog.

  5. Type MMM-yy in the Date/Time format (edit to change) field.

  6. Click OK.


The X Axis tick labels are displayed in the MMM-yy format. The month abbreviations are determined by your PC's default language setting. You can force a specific language for date/time labels by adding a language identifier before the date/time format.


The X Axis date/time labels can be formatted with a predefined or custom format.



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