About Grapher

Use the File | About Grapher command to display the About Grapher dialog. Grapher's version number, copyright date, system information, and Golden Software, LLC contact information are listed in the About Grapher dialog.


The About Grapher dialog displays information about the Grapher application.



The version of Grapher you are currently using is listed in the About dialog. Use the File | Online | Check for Update command to ensure you are running the most recent version of Grapher. Updates (e.g. Grapher 12.0 to Grapher 14.1) are free.


Company Contact Information

The Golden Software mailing address, sales phone number, and technical support phone number are listed in the About dialog. You can also use the File | Feedback commands to contact technical support.


Golden Software Website

Click the link to open the Golden Software website in a new internet browser window.


System Info

Click the System Info button to display a list of all system DLL files that Grapher is currently accessing. This can be useful for troubleshooting a problem. Detailed file information (Name, Version, Date, Size) is available for files In Directory, In Memory, or for All system files. You can view the system file information, or copy the information by clicking Copy to Clipboard button.



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