Script Manager

Use the Script Manager window to create, display, edit, and save scripts. To display the Script Manager, check the View | Display | Script Manager command. If there is a check next to the manager name, the manager is visible. By default, the Script Manager is displayed at the bottom of the screen, tabbed with the Worksheet Manager.


Click on the circled location to display the Script Manager.


When the Script Manager is displayed, you can create, edit, or run script files for use in Grapher and other programs.


The Script Manager is displayed at the bottom of the Grapher window. You can open, edit, or run scripts in this window.


Script Manager Menu Commands

Right-click in the Script Manager window to access the following menu options.


Create, open, close, save, and print scripts


Undo and redo changes; copy and paste changes; change formatting; find and replace specific text; call out various script commands; edit a UserDialog; and edit script references


View or hide macros, windows, toolbar, status bar, and edit buttons; view and change font and tab spacing; view or hide object and proc lists


Run, pause, or end a macro


Navigate statements; toggle and clear break points; watch and add expressions; view the selected objects methods and properties


Open Uses statements, close statements


Display help for WinWrap Basic, Basic language, and the selected word; display information about WinWrap Basic


The Application/Document Control menu commands control the size and position of the application window or the document window.



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