Multi-Graph Legend

A multi-graph legend can include information for all graphs on a page and is not attached to any one graph. A Legend contains information for only one graph— regardless of how many graphs are on the page— and it is attached to a specific graph.


Creating Multi-Graph Legends

To create a multi-graph legend:

  1. Click Graph Tools | Add to Graph | Multi-Graph Legend command.

  2. Edit the multi-graph legend properties in the Property Manager.


Editing a Multi-Graph Legend

To change the features of a multi-graph legend, including the plots displayed in the multi-graph legend, open the multi-graph legend properties by selecting the multi-graph legend and editing the properties in the Property Manager.


The multi-graph legend properties contain the following tabs in the Property Manager:







Detaching Multi-Graph Legends

If you need to copy, edit, or add additional information to a legend, such as company information, the legend can be detached from the graph. Legends edited in this manner are no longer attached to the graph, so make sure no additional changes are necessary before proceeding with this process.



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