A legend contains information about the lines, fills, and symbols used in a plot or graph. Grapher uses many types of legends.





displays information for one graph— regardless of how many graphs are on the page— and is attached to a specific graph.  The legend indicates the symbols, lines, or fills used by the plots in the graph.

Multi-graph legend

displays information for all the plots in all the graphs on a page and is not attached to any one graph.

Class legend

displays information for the classes in 2D, XYZ, polar, ternary, and piper class plots.

Wind chart legend

displays information about the wind chart speed bins.

Chart slice legend

displays information about pie or doughnut plot slices.

Color table legend

displays information about fill colors used in the color table.

Symbol table legend

displays information about the symbols used in the symbol table.


Class plots and wind charts can also be included in graph legends or multi-graph legends, if necessary, but these higher level legends do not describe the plot classes or wind speed bins.


Creating a New Legend

To create a legend:

  1. Select any part of the graph (axis, plot, fit, or the entire graph).

  2. Click the Home | Add to Graph | Legend command, or right-click and select Add Legend.


Displaying a Class, Wind, Color Table, or Symbol Table Legend

Select the Display legend option in the Plot page for a class scatter plot, Display speed bin legend option in the Plot page for a wind chart, Show color table legend on the Fill page, or Show symbol table legend on the Symbol page to display the class scatter, wind, color table, or symbol table legend. Clear the check box to hide the legend. You can also hide the legend by clearing the legend's visibility check box in the Object Manager.


Editing an Existing Legend

To change the features of a legend, including the plots displayed in the legend, open the legend properties by selecting the legend and editing the properties in the Property Manager.


The legend properties contain the following sections in the Property Manager:







Detaching Legends

If you need to copy, edit, or add additional information to a legend, such as company information, the legend can be detached from the graph. Legends edited in this manner are no longer attached to the graph, so make sure no additional changes are necessary before proceeding with this process. When detaching a wind or class legend, the wind or class legend is hidden, and the legend is recreated with drawn objects. When detaching other legends, the original legend is removed.



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