Grapher Documentation

All of the available Grapher user documentation is included in the online help and the quick start guide. Check the Grapher support forum, FAQs, knowledge base, and technical support for additional information.


If you prefer printed documentation, the online help file can be printed in part or in full. See Printing the Online Help topic for more information. A full PDF user's guide that contains all of the information in this online help file can be purchased online.


A Note About the Documentation

The Grapher documentation includes the online help and the quick start guide. Use the Home | Help | Contents command , or click the in the upper right corner of the Grapher window to access the detailed online help. Information about each command and feature in Grapher is included in the online help. In the event the information cannot be located in the online help, other sources of Grapher help include our support forum, frequently asked questions, knowledge base, and contacting our technical support engineers.


Various font styles are used throughout the Grapher documentation. Bold text indicates command names, dialog names, and page names. Italic text indicates items properties in the Property Manager or items within a dialog such as group names, options, and field names. For example, the Save As dialog contains a Save as type list. Bold and italic text occasionally may be used for emphasis.


In addition, commands appear as Home | Clipboard | Copy. This means, "click or scroll to the Home tab at the top of the document, then click the Copy command in the Clipboard group." The first word is always the ribbon tab name, followed by the group name(s), and the last word is always the specific command.



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